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C leisure Pty Ltd has established itself as one of Australia's leading management,

leisure and sports planning consultancy firms with a reputation for delivering innovative

and long term benefits to Clients.


C Leisure provides sport, management and leisure planning services that have a focus

on maximising the Client's outcome.  This is achieved by Connecting the aims and

objectives of the Client and delivering aligned and realistic long term solutions.


Servicing both the public and private sports & leisure industry, Client's receive independent

advice and expertise specialising in the following areas.




Feasibility Studies
Strategic plans
Operational reviews 
Project Management
Annual Business Plans
Business Plan Monitoring
Short & Long Term Business Strategies
Short & Long Term Marketing Strategies
Development of Budgets
Budget Monitoring
Tender Specification Development
Tender Monitoring
 Sponsorship and 
New Business Proposals
  Media Liaison and Exposure 
  OH& Management Systems 
  Quality Assurance Systems
  Risk Management Systems
  Event Development 
and Management
  Facility Start Ups 
  Training Plans
  Human Resource Management
  Facility Audits